Gajereh Resturant

November 10, 2018
Gajereh Resturant

This commercial unit with the main fuction as a resturant is situated in Vakil-Abad street which is a main artery street in mashhad,In addition the classic and luxurious style of facade as well as interior spaces is itself an innovation in resturant and commercial units in city of Mashhad.
In order to prepare an open space resturant to use during the summer, a well-equipped roof garden space is considered to make a comfortable and beautiful space.
Positioning the void above the entrance space is improving the dynamictiy of space by widening the vision throughout the floors and give elegancy to the building.
Implementing of the facade is based on construction documents which are totally the same as 3D models and images.
Sketches + Drawings
Facts + Figures
Customer: Mehrzad Nayyeri
Gross floor area: sq.m