Minareh Tower Residential-Commerical Complex

Placment of volume and from status are totally affected by religious character of the city of Mashhad. On the other hand, all the residential units and suites are designed in a way to have a view to Imam Reza Holy Shrine.
Due to the following specifications, this tower was designed as the minaret of the religious city of Mashhad:
a) The site's exceptional location due to it's alignment with the holy shirne .
b) It's location near the significant Basij (Bargh) square as the main artery toward the south (the connection of expandable sector with the old urban fabric) on the one hand and the connection of East-West, on the other hand (the city's beltway connection to the holy shrine).
c) The best location in terms of a monumental (elemental) mass. Minaret Tower Design
a) Framework approach and the tower's from/locating from the observer's viewpoint on the square's position is investigated and designed.
In other words, the entire lines of the tower's formal shapes along the square's center on the one hand and the square's spiral eadius on the other hand were designed.
b) Internal tower's views with an approach to Imam Raza's holy shrine were designed, i.e.
a. we tried to make the biggest frot toward the holy shrine.
b. the two towers were located on a free position of the holy shrine view.
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Customer: Khorasan-e-Razavi Electricity and Power Co.
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