Oskuei Residenrial Duplex

The project has been designed in a Neo-classical European style in combination with modern style . The stone detils are designed in a beautiful original way and the beauty of the compilation, proficiency and using the best material has increased the quality of the architectural space.
According to the limitations of the site, the courtyard only consider the stairs and due to this lack of green space we made a decision to construct a roof garden and a small suite with a direct view to the garden, On the other hand because of the shortage of area and integration of spaces we made some roof openings in the ground floor level and also in the edage of the courtyard and these are some of the strengths of the project.
Positioning of staircase in the middle of vegetated patio and rotation to upside has resulted a beautiful and interesting view integrated with staircase space, while in traditional patios it was a useless and abandoned space.
Durability, quality and beauty are the main three characteristics that we considered in design and construction of this project. All the materials, ornamental and functional elements are chosen from the best in market and as a result this duplex is a beautiful and architecturaly outstanding house.
Great glass doors are making visual connection between suite and roof garden. Flooring of this suite has been done with 1.5 * 2.5 slab stones.
Using bambo for covering the enterance of roof garden not only makes a good feeling of nature and sense of eastern architecture, but also it control the sun light for the suite faces toward roof garden.
Sketches + Drawings
Facts + Figures
Customer: Ali oskuei
Years: 2012
Gross floor area: 500 sq.m