Ramesh Residential Complex

the classical style of the complex has beeb inspired by the orginial european motifs, specifically italian and british style. Using bright travertine is making the elevation more elegant and impressive.
As the space in an apartment which you step inside , lobby can be considered as the most impresing space and this importance should be seen in the design hierarchies . A beautiful lobby improves the quality of building and impact the vision of users over the design.
The complex consists of a Multi-functional lobby in ground floor plan and also it has the highest quality of space includig 78 sq.m Halland 46 sq.m living room and 3 bedrooms and a 40 sq.m Master bedroom with sauna and jacuzzi.
Hierarchy of space has been considered in a proper way circulate between them, for instance Breakfast nook, Kitchen, dining room and living room situated parallel to main hall and enterance.
All the windows shades, arches and rest of the wood works are coverd and made by oak wood and colored in whitewash.
Sketches + Drawings
Facts + Figures
Customer: Abolfazl Ramesh
Gross floor area: sq.m