Sodagari Commercial Complex

Sodagari Commercial Complex situated in the beginning of Zaferanie Street and Shandiz, Torghabe in 500 sq.m site. Interior spaces from minus one level to second level is dedicated to commercial spaces and Fourth floor plan and roof level is considered as a restaurant with a unique and beautiful view.
Interior spaces of commercial space is designed in a luxurious modern style:
- Flooring : Black ganite 120*120
- Handrails: Glass and Golden Stainless steel
- Wall covering: heigh-quality bright travertine+Steel panels with given Modulation.
- Right side wall: Project Logo in Puzzle modulation on laminated securit glass.
- Schist stone over the wall implemented in a random way.
- Elevator sides covered with 10mm Plexi-glass with given modulation.
Sketches + Drawings
Facts + Figures
Customer: Mr.Sodagari
Gross floor area: 500 sq.m