Banafshe Residential Complex

Project has been designed in a southern urban unit and decorated by using of antique materials like hammered travertine stone and the ornament that has been around the windows are Arbic style and the material are helping to emphasize the style.
In order to improve the visual qulity of reasonable price materials in lobby walls, hammering of stones with specific patterns is implemented.
The wall has been covered with the golden foil in the main hall entance which are painted inversely and the area has been furnished with the harmonious color furniture and the combination of these two makes a unique space.
The cabinets are disgned like foreign famous brands like NEFF (Germany) or LINA Decor (Turkey), while the final price is a lot cheaper than them.
using reticulated doors with special wooden patterns not only make beauty with shadows but alse can control the light.
To balance the price in one side of the washing room we have used expensive golden still tiles and in the other side we have used the very cheap one, and the combination of these two materials has created a beautiful space.
Sketches + Drawings
Facts + Figures
Customer: Javdani Brothers
Gross floor area: 2004.4 sq.m