koohsangi project

hojjat bazaar project

mr sadiri project

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Mr.javadi daneshjoo project

Hamed Residential Duplex

In this building accordng to client’s request and ease of access, living room and bedrooms are in ground floor level while hall and guest suite are in upper level.

Customer: hamid bakhshizade

Years: 2008

Shandiz Villa

Customer: Masoud Yazdi

Years: 2006

Noghondar Garden

customer: Mr. Ghanian


Kuhsangi Residential Apartment

customer: Mr.kermannezhad

Felahatian Hotel Apartment

Interior design of the Apartment Hotel Complex in sorrounding area of holy shrine by using of beautiful and reasonable price materials has made a comfortable and suitable space for guests and users.

Customer: Mr.Felahatian