Abuzar Residential Duplex

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The project has been designed in neo-classic European style in combination with Modern style and the stone details are designed in an original and beautiful way and are implemented with light travertine.

Compilation of beauty, proficiency and using of perfect materials are the strengthening aspects which are increasing the quality of architectural space.

According to the limitations of the site, the courtyard only consider the stairs and due to this lack of green space we made a decision to construct a roof garden and a small suite with a direct view to the garden, On the other hand because of the shortage of area and integration of spaces we made some roof openings in the ground floor level and also in the edge of the courtyard and these are some of the strengths of the projec t .

Staircases are made of polished black granite and handrails are made of light travertine. simultaneous use of glass wall which is an element of Modern architecture and stone details is a clear sign of synthesis in this project.


Positioning of staircase in the middle of vegetated patio and rotation to upside has resulted a beautiful and interesting view integrated with staircase space,   while in traditional patios it was a useless and abandoned space

Creative use of materials like Golden Steel tiles and norwegian granite with blue spots has made a beautiful composition.

Great glass doors are making visual connection between suite and roof garden. flooring of this suite has been done with 1.5 *2.5 slab stones.

Customer: Ali Oskuei

Years: 2012

Gross floor area: 500 sq.m