The way we work
Rahimian Architecture Office with capability to give different services containing design, supervision and building your project up, in one side and to consult you about how to invest your money, on the other side is working and helping building industry. These services in categorized in 3 categories of Architecture, Structure and HVACR.We are giving services according to your budget, needs and preferences.The process is starting with an interview till we understand our responsibility and mutual commitments. In the first step we are giving the primitive figures of design in order to make the main scheme clearer to reach a deal with our client for next steps. In second step after taking the client’s general opinions, all the architectural 2D and 3D drawing are implementing in a parallel way to reduce the future mistakes and problems.

Architectural Drawings consisting:

  • Plans, elevations and sections
  • Interior and exterior 3D images
  • Interior spaces furnishing maps
  • Positioning and choosing the model of lighting systems in elevation and interior spaces
  • Choosing the materials, layouts and using patterns all over the interior and exterior spaces
  • Interior architectural details alongside 3D images
  • Choosing the type and color of all materials and coverings
  • Composition and matching the colors and textures in walls, floors and elevations
  • Positioning and designing the HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Conditioning) systems
  • Designing and detailing the False Ceiling
  • Structural Plans and Drawings
  • HVACR Plans and Drawings